Anti-Aging: Can Stress Really Cause Extra Wrinkles?

Stress and anxiety rather has become part of life and if not controlled, then it can actually create problems in your life.

Research has shown that constantly being stressed certainly doesn’t help your anti-aging as stress contributes to inflammation, oxidative stress and DNA damage - all of which are not good for the tissues in the skin - this leading to more wrinkles and fine lines.

And let’s be honest, if you are stressed - you're not going to have time to do your skin routine, cook a healthy meal or go to the gym. 

Here are our top eight tips to control stress and anxiety!

1. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol!

There are many people who are found to smoke when they face mental pressure or for pleasure while alcohol may calm the nerves initially, drinking daily is a sure way to kickfire bad habits that make you stressed. Swap out alcohol for water, juice or kombucha! Try to do social activities with friends like coffee, the beach, or sport - and do not involve alcohol! Swap out alcohol for water, juice or kombucha!


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2. Stay active

You need to perform regular exercise which is good for emotional and physical health. After working out, anxiety relief can be experienced for longer duration.

When I suffered with anxiety, I started seeing a personal trainer and he really helped me manage my anxiety and helped me keep up going to my workouts as I was accountable to him.

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3. Get beauty sleep

One common symptom noticed with anxiety is insomnia. Sleep should be made priority. Avoid reading the kindle or book at night, consuming caffeine, nicotine or have large meals before going to bed. 

Keep technology out of your room - read magazines or books before bed so you can get sleepy. A Netflix marathon will wake you up!

Woman Sleeping On Sofa With Throw Pillows

4. Have a balanced, healthy diet

Chemicals present in processed food like artificial colorings, flavoring and preservatives, dehydration and low blood sugar is likely to cause mood changes. High sugar diet can also impact temperament. Always consume nutrition rich food.

Have some healthy frozen MyMuscleChef or YouFoodz meals as a backup so you can eat them when you're super tired or super hungry and need something to eat pronto.

Salad: pomegranate, chicken, spinach

5. Kick toxic people out of your life

This one is probably the most important!  Whether it be your friends, your date, your coworkers, your clients - you need to make sure you are living and breathing in a happy safe environment where you are supported. You also need to speak up and create boundaries so negative people don't walk all over you.

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6. Meditation

Eliminating chaotic thoughts from the mind is the main objective of meditation. It replaces the same with sense of mindfulness and calm and provides immense Relaxation. It can act as anti-depressant and alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Fast, shallow breathing is commonly associated with anxiety, leading to lightheadedness, panic attack, dizziness or fast heart rate. you need to perform deep breathing exercises.

Stack Of Stones

7. Do yoga regularly

Do two yoga classes a week - they don't have to be super demanding classes but do some form of yoga to help ease you into relaxation.

8. Find a hobby

Find a social hobby outside of your work! That way, you have something to destress with after work and can build a community of support. Some hobbies include: tennis, kayaking, dirt bike riding, horse riding or even latin dance.


Thank you for reading the article, it is good to take some time out to open your horizon and learn more about your body. Knowledge is powerful and beautiful.

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