Our Top Ten Sunscreen Tips

Did you know that around 90% of skin ageing is due to the effects of the sun?

 Sun exposure is responsible for most of the visible ageing of your skin—far more than all other factors combined.

Yes, UV rays from the sun are the primary cause of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity, the degradation of skin texture, and many other signs of skin ageing.

My biggest skincare tip is sun protection. Skin ageing is largely due to the damaging impacts of ultra violet (UV) rays which impacts the deeper layers of the skin, destroy the collagen supportive framework by activating the Matrix metalloproteinase-1 enzyme which chews up collagen in the skin. 

I believe that covering up in the sun is one of the pillars of keeping your skin beautiful, soft and shiny. A lot of people are trying to incorporate Sunscreen into their daily routine, however, not many people are successfully wearing sunscreen to get the results the sun protection that they are actually looking for. 

I believe in you having the sexiest youthful skin as possible so let me share some of my sunscreen secrets with you! 

1. Wear a high SPF

Many dermatologists say that there is little difference in protection with SPF 30 versus SPF 50. That extra percentage that you get from SPF 50 is extra sun protection so why not add that additional percent.

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On top of that, many people under-apply sunscreen. The worst thing about SPF testing, in the lab, is that they are testing SPF using way more sunscreen than you would probably apply to your skin in real life

A rule of thumb is that if you apply half the recommended amount then you will get roughly one-third to one-half of the intended protection from the labelled SPF. So if you apply half of the recommended amount of SPF 50 then you are actually getting SPF 16 - SPF 25 protection. 

Therefore I'm an advocate of high SPF use because high SPF sunscreen can help make up for under application of sunscreen.  


2. Do not make your own sunscreen

Please do not do this. You might save money in the next few years but this will cost more in the long-term because skin cancer and botox (from all your wrinkles) is way more expensive than a bit of sunscreen now. 

Scientists in professional pharmacuetical labs have a lot of trouble making sunscreen safe so DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Got the message? Thanks!

3. Wear Physical Sunscreen (that contains Zinc Oxide) for anti-ageing purposes

Your old-school chemical sunscreen most people use largely offers protection from UVB, not UVA. This is because UVB was the most well-research until recently. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures protection only against UVA not UVB.

You need to wear a physical sunscreen in order to receive protection from UVA rays which cause most of photo-ageing!

4. Under Application of Sun Screen is sinful

 Under application of Sun Screen is the greatest sin under the sun! 

When makeup products have SPF 30 in them - this does not mean that they are a replacement for sunscreen. 

To overcome this barrier - I put on sunscreen twice every time I apply. So I put it on once. Rub it in. Apply sunscreen again. Rub it in.

5. Do not mix up sunscreen with your makeup

Unfortunately, effective sun protection can have downsides, but they're not excuses to go without! One of the main downsides from sunscreen, especially physical sunscreen is the white caste it leaves on your skin. To overcome this white case, many of us have mixed up our screen with our makeup. 

Sunscreen needs to form an even layer on your skin in order to work properly. Sunscreen is designed to stick to bare skin so make sure you apply it BEFORE you apply any makeup then let it dry. Then use a sponge to gently put your foundation on top of the sunscreen. 

6. Cover Up!

One of my tips, which dosen't include sunscreen, is to cover up your skin with sun protective clothing. I personally hate reapplying sunscreen so it's worthwhile to invest in clothing that covers your skin - instead of just applying sunscreen.


7. Everyone should wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just for Caucasians or people with light skin! Everyone can benefit from wearing sunscreen. People with darker skin can develop sun damage and skin cancers. Sun exposure on skin issues melasma, dark spots - you're rendering your skin treatments useless as these issues are often exacerbated by sun exposure. 


8. Do not use spray formulas

Spray formulas are less reliable when it comes to getting the right even amount of sunscreen on your skin. 

9. Wear sunscreen everyday

Even when you're working in an office - you need to wear sunscreen everyday because you are exposed to ultra violet light when you're in the car, or in public transport, or when you're in the office as light will come through the window.

9. Don't mix sunscreen with mosquito repellent

On another note, to many of us living in the tropics - you should not apply sunscreen and mosquito repellenet (Deet) together. There have been studies that show Deet can reduce the efficiacy of sunscreen and render the sunscreen ineffective. You can work this out by applying Deet on top of your clothing (not below your clothing). Also, do not put mosquito repellent on your hands as you will eat it or get it in your eyes. So wash it off with soap.  

10. Use creams - not powder or sprays

 Powdered sunscreens and sprays are not as good as a cream because they do not distribute the active ingredient evenly across the skin – so they are less reliable.


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