The most simple 4 step anti-ageing skincare routine

In today's blog post, we are going to call BS on expensive 10-Step Skin Care Routines. You are welcome to do a 10-Step Skin Care Routine but you are better of spending your money on a high-quality minimalist routine supercharged with active ingredients.

We believe in a simple skincare routine with simple straight-forward ingredients that are backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. 

The most well-researched anti-ageing powerhouses are: Vitamin A, Vitamin C and sunscreen thus these are the pillars of our recommended anti-ageing skincare routine.

There are always exciting new products coming out touting that they will stop the clock, however, many of these miracle serums have very little research backing them up. They are simply sold off hope, rather than on the basis of facts. Rather than calling these ingredients a 'Fountain of Youth' in a bottle I'd name it 'Hope in a Jar'. The anti-ageing skincare industry including firming creams, wrinkle creams, do not need to be reviewed for effectiveness so we can basically make the craziest claims in the skincare industry without the law reprimanding such behaviour.

Remember that up to ninety percent of skin ageing is due to the effects of the sun! So please don't neglect sun protection - sun protection is vital to fighting the ageing rays of the sun. Remember this famous photo of the truck driver who accumulated skin damage on left side of his face after 28 years on the road.

At the end of the day - the best antiageing cream is sunscreen! So make sure you apply everyday and reapply throughout the day.

We decided to create a simple 4 step anti-ageing routine that truly slows down the ageing process. 

Here is our recommended routine for anti-ageing:
  1. Apply the Youth Elixr Vitamin C 20% Serum
  2. Apply the Youth Elixr Eternal Supercharged Eye cream
  3. Apply the Youth Elixr Micro-sculpting Moisturiser
  4. Apply your favourite sunscreen. Make sure you apply this throughout the day. 
  1. Double Cleanse
  2. Apply the Youth Elixr Vitamin A Ageless Jelly
  3. Apply the Youth Elixr Eternal Supercharged Eye cream
  4. Apply the Youth Elixr Micro-sculpting Moisturiser


Did you notice we didn't even include a cleanser in the morning? That is because you don't actually need to cleanse in the morning as you generally wake up with a clean face. However, if you like to cleanse in the morning then feel free to - especially if you have oily skin! We just thought we'd make it as simple as possible. 

Now remember that your daily skincare routine and preventing lines and wrinkles is the most important weapon in your anti-ageing toolbox. This is because it's very hard to reverse signs of 

If you want to take your anti-ageing routine to the next level? Invest in our LED Light Mask! 

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