The No BS Guide to Getting Botox

I have always been fascinated by cosmetic procedures as some of my friends have had amazing results and enhanced their confidence. But many of my friends have also been stung by the beauty industry and sold treatments that have been administered badly or just plainly sucked. So let's dive into my No BS Guide to Getting Botox!

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin, known as botox,  is one of the most poisonous biological substances known to man. Just 1 gram of botulinum toxin could kill over 1 million people. 

Botox is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions, and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralysing muscles.

Some people want botox so badly that they will break the law such as the New Zealand woman who allegedly fled a Christchurch clinic after $620 of Botox treatment.

The Stigma

There are two types of women who get botox. Those who tell everyone about it and those who take it to the grave. Sadly, there is a huge stigma surrounding botox - even though it can make people feel so confident. And even if people do get the procedure - so many of them tell their friends it was for non-cosmetic reasons like headaches. 

If having less wrinkles makes you feel good - then why is it not as accepted as any other form of self-care?

Women who elect to have botox are often represented as vain consumers - but we need to change this perception. Your botox (or lack thereof) will only effect your wrinkles - it so insignificant in the scheme of things so you shouldn’t feel guilty about getting botox, or looking into botox. 

Despite botox being so popular, there is still a big stigma and pressure on women to age naturally and gracefully. If you are interested in it, that doesn’t make you a shallow, vapid human. With celebrities including Cindy Crawford, Vanessa Williams and Kelly Ripa admitting to botox - many are hush hush about what treatments they use. In a world where there is so much pressure to stay youthful, I think that celebrities admitting to botox and surgery is brave as it shows everyday women how much effort people go to in order to maintain their youthful look.

Why are young women without wrinkles using Botox?

When some of my young wrinkle-free girlfriends in their twenties started getting botox, it got me worried about how young women are starting to get botox.

Botox is marketed as a silver bullet for young women looking to prevent ageing. When reading up on botox, I saw so many of the top rated beauty sites recommending preventative botox. 

But guess what, your doctor, whether they are a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, may not have your health and your beauty at their heart of their interest. 

But this theory of youthful longevity from botox is fundamentally flawed. Botox’s ability to freeze the youthful face is temporary. You need to get botox again and again and again and again to maintain a wrinkle-free face.

If you are thinking about getting baby botox or preventative botox then think about this - you could become immune to botox through the development of antibodies.Repeated and long-term injections of botulinum toxin increase the risk of developing neutralizing antibodies and the higher the dose the greater the risk. To prevent this, you need to maximise the time interval in-between botox treatments plus receive smaller doses of botox.

So if you are wrinkle-free then don’t waste your hard-earned dollars on paying off some lying fat cat Doctor’s Mercedes Benz. Don’t fall for that old dog tricks girlfriend - they don’t deserve your cheques. 

Unfortunately, there are unethical providers out there who sell discount “Botox” or convince women in their twenties, without any wrinkles, to get baby botox. 

Companies are targeting younger women the doctors are trying to create this lifetime consumer. Ethics is something that's not mandated in cosmetic medicine so be very careful in who you see.

Who to visit?

There are different types of medical practitioners that you can visit for botox. There are pros and cons to choosing each type of practitioner. 


A doctor’s understanding of facial anatomy, the ability to do accurate comfortable injections, and their ability to deal with things going wrong (if you have an allergy for example) makes them ideal for the procedure. 

Some doctors who don't specialise in botox and cosmetics do it as a side hustle and charge exorbitant prices just because of the Doctor on the front of their name. I'd be wary of anyone dabbling in aesthetics as I'd personally only want someone wholly committed to the aesthetics profession to go near my face.


The rise in dentists pursuing Aesthetic and Facial Rejuvenation will be really beneficial for consumers because dentists have superior knowledge of facial anatomy to other medical professionals. The muscle bands on our face create such a complex network that injecting even a few millimeters off can cause the opposite result. 


Registered Nurses can deliver great results with lower prices. In addition, sometimes Medical Doctors and Dentists dabble in botox whereas injector nurses tend to do this procedure day in day out so they are well versed in getting amazing results.

At the end of the day, you should ask for a recommendation but someone you trust, look at the professional’s previous work, follow your instincts and use your common sense.

Botox is a medical procedure but it's also an art. Some injectors opt for giving their patients a more natural look while others will cater for women looking for a more dramatic look. Nowadays, many younger millennial women are actually opting to look "done". Some have described it as patients "wearing their money on their face". Who care what other people think! You need to see a professional who will get you your desired results. 

What can go wrong?

This is not getting a haircut. This is not getting your hair dyed. It’s not getting a manicure. Botox is a medical procedure. So things can go wrong. 

Things can go wrong and this highlights the benefits of seeing a Medical Doctor or Dentist who are well equipped to deal with allergic reactions and the plethora of issues that can go wrong.

Thanks for reading this blog post!

With more woman than ever opting to change their bodies - I have endeavoured to give my honest opinion on cosmetic treatments and surgery as there are too many cowboy cosmetic salesmen trying to steal your hard-earned cash. After working in the plastic surgery industry, I got to see behind the hospital doors and see into the lives of the surgeons, the nurses and the patients. 

Because of the explosion in interest in cosmetic procedures – there has been an explosion in money hungry business people that don’t have patient interests at heart. Patients have been commodified. If you are a business-minded cosmetic doctor - you are going to sell that person everything you possibly can whether they need it or not, regardless of any other circumstance.