Why You Should Use Zinc?

Skin ageing is largely due to the damaging impacts of ultra violet rays which impacts the deeper layers of the skin, destroy the collagen supportive framework by activating the Matrix metalloproteinase-1 enzyme which chews up collagen in the skin. Matrix metalloproteinase-1 is the major collagenolytic enzyme responsible for collagen damage in UV-irradiated human skin.

There are two types of sunscreen: chemical sunscreen (your traditional sunscreen) and physical sunscreen (also known as Zinc) which contains either zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Physical sunscreens are also called mineral sunscreens.

Zinc is truly one of the best ways to prevent skin damage and premature ageing from UVA rays (“aging” sun rays).

Remember! UVA rays (“aging” sun rays) travel through windows so you are not even safe inside your home or car!

Let me tell you it's a good investment because skin cancer and botox is a lot more expensive than wearing lots of sunscreen now! 

A lot of people are choosing between physical sunscreens (zinc) and chemical sunscreens! So I wanted to share with you my three favourite things about Zinc!


1. More Reliable 

When it comes to ultra violet protection, chemical sunscreen (sunscreen without zinc) tend to not be as reliable as protection against the sun. 

2. Blocks UVA

Around 95% of UV radiation reaching the surface of our skin is UVA which is responsible for most of our photo ageing (including wrinkling and age spots).

In Australia, broad-spectrum means that the UVA protection is at least one third of the SPF. 

3. Less Irritating

So many people get irritated skin from chemical sunscreen whereas zinc is less irritating. This absence of skin irritation and sensitisation, inertness of the ingredients, limited skin penetration - makes zinc ideal for many people who struggle with chemical sunscreen! 

Zinc oxide is an amazing ingredient for skin in general. Zinc oxide has been a key ingredient in many baby creams, calamine lotions and skin ointments.


The main downside of zinc is that it puts a white film on your face. When I wear zinc, I feel like a geisha!