I have a special event (e.g. wedding), when should I see you for a facial?

 I will be very gentle and keep you safe. Get your last facial at least 2 weeks before the event to allow time for your skin to settle down. Plus if you are using fake tan, you want to definitely perform facial before applying spray tan as our facial will exfoliate your top layer of skin. 

 If you have never had a facial then make sure you do a “practice” facial because flare-ups post-facials. I recommend you getting another facial 6 weeks before event because you may have a reaction to it. “practice” facial 

What is your approach to extractions?

I don't believe in doing extreme harsh extractions. I try to get to the root cause of why there is congestion on the face. I personally have blackheads and hate them but try to manage them because harsh extractions can cause even worse problems. Extractions can lead infection, hyperpigmentation, large pores and even scarring. Hyperpigmentation particularly poses a risk to those with deeper skin tones. The best way to reduce congestion and blackheads on the face is with great skincare, as well as, a monthly facial (which includes microdermabrasion and a chemical peel with work togethor to reduce congestion on the face). 

I have severe acne - can you help me?

I don’t treat severe acne as I believe you need to see a dermatologist to get that treated if it is moderate to severe. So many people will take thousands of dollars from you promising to get rid of your acne with a course of treatments - acne is a serious disease that can leave bad scarring so you need to treat it like any other medical issue and see a doctor.  If you allow severe acne to get worse, it can scar the skin.  Many over-the-counter (OTC) acne products are available to treat mild to moderate acne or periodic breakouts. Severe acne may not respond to OTC products.  If OTC treatments aren’t working after 6-8 weeks then it is imperative to see a dermatologist.  Severe acne is generally defined by having cysts and nodules. 

 Sadly, there are many facialists that offer expensive courses of treatment or products that won’t actually work. They are selling you false hope, not clear skin. I have spent thousands of my life studying anti-ageing and improving skin quality so treating severe acne is not my forte and for severe acne (not mild acne) you sometimes need prescriptions to deal with it.

What are the benefits of a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a higher strength skin exfoliant thus it works to remove the top layer of skin. The skin that grows back after a chemical peel is smoother and younger looking. 

Everyone is a good candidate for a chemical peel, however, we need to always be careful and start at a low concentration. Chemical peels can improve acne, pigmentation, skin texture, promote anti-ageing and improve skin tone. Best of all - this can also increase cell turnover and prevent blocked pores, which help to leave the skin clear and decongested.

I use a few different types of peels in my medispa: Glycolic Acid Peels, Lactic Acid Peels and an extra gentle Enzyme Peel.

What is your approach to chemical peels?

We take a very gentle approach and avoid over-exfoliation and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation with low exfoliating strengths in order to achieve great results without you taking big risks. Some people with certain skin types are at greater risk of hyperpigmentation so we will tread carefully to ensure you are safe.

There is no need to over do it with exfoliation! Keep it simple and not too harsh.

Do you take a deposit?

A $30 deposit is taken on all services. This is not an extra charge but part payment towards your service and is fully refundable or transferable should you cancel/reschedule giving a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you fail to show up for your service (do a no show) or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment your deposit will be forfeited and considered a cancellation fee.