Meet The Founder

Hi friends,

I’m Laura and there are 2 things you may want to know about me. I am a huge advocate for health and a voice for at-home affordable beauty solutions.

Our motto is simple, take beauty into your own hands.

I wanted to create products that truly make a difference in your beauty and enhance the work of natural beauty products I personally use. I even lose sleep because I’m always thinking about new ways to enhance at-home beauty solutions but I am confident that my skin and teeth are the healthiest it’s ever been. I want yours to be the same!

We make scientific, Australian beauty devices with the purpose to transform people's confidence around the world. 

What led me to the creation of Youth Elixr? Having very little money, I always made my own natural beauty treatments, creams, teeth whitening products and made my own little spa at home. 

Our machines empower you to take anti-ageing into your own hands so you do not have to spend thousands on going to the doctor’s office.

I am not just selling the Youth Elixr products, I use the machines on a regular basis and so does my family. I love the product! 

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out with any comments, suggestions, or questions.

Email me: 

Laura x